Glow In The Dark

Introducing the new…

KODACHROME Glow In The Dark Crewneck Sweaters!

Printed on soft American Apparel 100% ringspun cotton, the KODACHROME Glow-In-The-Dark Crewneck Sweater is a special edition to the KODACHROME Collection. We wanted to deliver a very special piece for the winter season, yet still keeping our forward-fashion dancers in mind. Printed in Glow-In-The-Dark ink, the front chest features a classic college athletics inspired design, which includes a large ‘KODACHROME’ arching over the K box logo and KODACHROME’s year of establishment, 2009, all followed by the KODACHROME mission, which is to “expose dance.” Continue reading

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Our boys from the Noah Larmz Crew are pulling out the stops tonight. The Noah Larmz Crew never ceases to deliver an all encompassing experience at each of their parties. Tonight is no exception. On the night the craziest parties are thrown, VA’s own Noah Larmz Crew are throwing down at The Norva (Norfolk, VA). Get down to the best sounds in VA, supplied by DJ Oh!Boy, DJ Lordamercy, WE0K Crew, Chad Hugo, Hip Hop Dan, and DJ Wizard!

If you’re in the 757, or even remotely close, this is the only place you need to be tonight. WE’RE PROUD OF Y’ALL! Here’s a toast to Noah Larmz, doin’ it big for movement!


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GITD Crewneck Sweater Teaser

Glow In The Dark Crewneck Sweaters available at, 1/1/11.

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Thank You: A testimonial from Jonathan Belmonte

Just like anything in life, we may fall in and out of love with our passions. Most times it’s not until we push ourselves past our comfort zone that we realize what truly makes us happy has been sitting (or in this case, dancing) in front of us this entire time. Jonathan has been involved with KODACHROME since its inception in 2009. Although Jonathan can usually be seen recording video from the side and helping the KODACHROME Staff at the sign-in table, Jonathan most certainly experienced our most recent workshop, hosted at Old Dominion University, as a dancer. The following is a Facebook note Jonathan has so graciously allowed us to expose to the world. Peep the original post here, inspirational comments and all.

This is so corny, and I know I don’t know you guys that well but I can’t help myself.

Thank you so much to KODACHROME for helping me fall in love with dance again.

I have loved dance my entire life. I ran around my house as a toddler while bobbing my head to a unique mix of tracks from Todo Todo, to Thriller. I folk danced  starting from the age of five until today and I always enjoyed watching the faces of my elders light up because they saw a piece of home waltzing about in front of them swinging a candle in a bandanna or clicking bamboo castanets. But when it came to truly dancing what I felt, I was always just a fan boy. I watched river dance with my mom secretly wishing I could create thunder and lighting with my feet. I acted like she had to make me go to a ballet. I learned the history of B-boying, the origins of Locking, popping, and the electric boogaloo. I learned the names of the moves and major players. I completely immersed myself in the culture, from the signs down to the shoes. But for some reason I never actually participated. I was still the guy on the side going “Man, that’s cool but that’s not me.”

I went to college, met an amazing woman and got even closer to dance than I had never been. We became involved with KODACHROME and I became even closer still, but I was still that guy on the side. Reza always talked about the “Dance Fam.” I always knew who she was talking about but I don’t think I ever really knew what she was talking about and, to be completely honest, for two years now I never really felt like a part of it. In a weird way I felt like a proud parent of KODACHROME and Mozaic. I sat down and watched all of you grow, I recorded your accomplishments and even bragged about you guys at school and work to all my friends and family but I never really belonged. I was always with them, I was always talking with you all, and I really always loved you all but I did it because you were there. Because, well, what else was I supposed to do?

But yesterday, Saturday, December 4th 2010, I fell in love with you all. I fell in love with your craft. I told you I was scared and ya’ll told me “Don’t be.” I would mess up and feel like quitting and ya’ll said “It’s okay.” I did everything wrong and ya’ll still found a way to tell me at least one thing I did right. I moved like i’ve never moved before and I loved it. Every movement felt weird, odd, unnatural, and completely liberating. I felt freed and happy and challenged all at the same time. Of course I doubted myself through the whole process but it seemed like right when I was about to sit down and resume my traditional spot on the floor with a camera I would get the perfect verbal hug at the perfect time and I was driven once more.

I’m an only child and so I don’t know if this is completely accurate, but I feel like I just found a new home full of siblings I’ve never known and it feels so natural. At first I thought maybe it was the feeling of being surrounded by excellence and skill, but upon reflection I know that what I reveled in was the feeling of being surrounded by family. It feels so right to be with you all and I can’t wait to be with you again.

I’ve said it to a few of you already but I really mean it. I would drive many more hours and sleep many less hours to dance with you all again and I hope that you all had as much fun and enjoyed the camaraderie as much as I did.

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KODACHROME Presents: David Riddick

KODACHROME Presents: David Riddick

David Riddick started training in Germany and much of Europe in his beginning stages to training under the Russian Ballet Company, where he toured with them for five years as a solo dancer when he came to the United States. Then in college received training in Graham, Horton, Limon, American Ballet, Russian Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and African. He is now the Co-Director and CEO of Beauty for Ashes Dance & Theatre Company in Newport News, VA arising to help dancers become who they want to be in the dance world, whether it be a choreographer, dancer, entrepreneur, or teacher. Read full interview here:

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KODACHROME Presents: Calan Bryant

KODACHROME Presents: Calan Bryant

Calan Bryant lives, breathes, and is dance. He is the Director and Co-Founder of R3@CT!ON Dance Crew, Co-Director for Beauty for Ashes Dance Company, and member of OASIS Dance Company located in Washington, D.C. Calan believes dance and emotion go hand in hand, which is the most important lesson he can give to his students. He is an instructor at the Downing Gross Cultural Arts Theatre and West Hampton Community Center. Read full interview here:

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KODACHROME Presents: Shannon Perangelo

KODACHROME Presents: Shannon Perangelo

Season II Workshop III hosted by Christopher Newport University was a very special workshop being the first to have Contemporary pieces. Shannon Perangelo taught with passion and light movement to the dancers and brought out their deepest emotions on the dance floor. Shannon has been trained in all different styles of dance and is now with CNU Dance Fusion and the Ballroom Dance Society of CNU. She shared her KODACHROME experience and her first time teaching a workshop. Read full interview here:

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